Saw palmetto fruit extract soft capsule



The utility model discloses a sabal fruit extract made soft capsule, which is mainly used for preventing and curing the prostate hyperplasia and prostatitis. The soft capsule is composed a soft capsule casing 1 and a soft capsule content 2, which is oily sabal fruit extract wrapped by the casing. After being disintegrated, the soft capsule formulation of the utility model can be directly and rapidly absorbed at the intestinal tract in accurate content, so that the bioavailability is great, the stimulant and poisonous and side effects are reduced. Moreover, the stability of the medicine quality is promoted, the sealing performance is great and the moisture absorption and deterioration are rare. For the unpleasant odor of the medicament is covered by the soft capsule casing, the taking is convenient and the appearance is attractive, the utility model is prone to be accepted by the patients.




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