Method for transmitting multimedia broadcast and multicast service resource configuration information



The invention provides a method for transmitting multimedia broadcast and multicast service (MBMS) resource configuration information, comprising that: the network side engages signaling structure instructing the MBMS resource configuration information with a UE; the signaling structure comprises radio frame cycle instructing MBMS area to bear MBMS in a modification cycle, radio frame number instructing the MBMS area distribution in a modification cycle, sub frame number instructing the distribution for each radio frame in the MBMS area in a modification cycle, and radio frame offset information instructing the MBMS area to bear MBMS in a modification cycle; the network side sends the signaling structure of the configuration based on the preset manner, after the UE receives the signaling structure, analysis is carried out according to the preset manner. The invention solves the problems that resource distribution is not flexible when repeating coverage and distribution can not be finished under certain situations, as well as the problem of over-distribution of resources.




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