Electromotive linear drive



The invention relates to an electromotive linear drive (10) having a multi-part housing (14) which is produced from plastic in an injection-molding process and in which are mounted at least one drive train, a block-shaped spindle nut (13) which engages at least partially around the housing or at least partially into the housing, should be designed such that the structural design is extremely simple and can furthermore, for installation in particular into a chair, be produced in a compact and also cheap manner from as few components as possible, and a rotatably driven spindle (12). According to the invention, the housing is formed from at least two housing parts (14a, 14b) and has sliding tracks for the spindle nut, wherein the thread flights of the spindle are arranged outside the housing in a region of the housing matched with spindle, an interface of the housing extends along a longitudinal axle wire of the spindle, and the spindle nut is formfittingly coupled to each housing part of the housing, that is the spindle nut can be movably guided relative to the housing.




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