Gas circuit breaker



The invention provides a gas circuit breaker capable of holding consumption extent of slit part in insulation nozzle easily, and determining replacing time of the insulation nozzle. When composing the insulation nozzle 17 of the slit part 19 with smallest diameter in injection-flow passage of arc gas, at least one grooves 20 for replacement marking of nozzles are formed on the slit 19. Confirming status of grooves 20 for replacement marking of nozzles formed on the slit 19 of the insulation nozzle 17, in the situation of cut depth damage of the grooves 20 for replacement marking of nozzles being almost dispared, then determining slits 19 of the insulation nozzles 17 are consumed, then the insulation nozzle 17 are replaced by new products. The invention can determine replacement time of insulation nozzle exactly by using simple structure.




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