Coating with high weatherability and self repairability



The invention provides coating with high weatherability and self repairability. In the invention, monomer optical solidification resin is added into a paint system and is sprayed or brushed to form a film after being dispersed evenly, and the coating with higher weatherability and self repairing performance is obtained. The adding weight of the monomer optical solidification resin is 0.5-5% of that of the basal body resin of the paint system. The invention utilizes the combined action of the ultraviolet light of sunlight and oxygen in air, uses the optical solidification resin to absorb part of the ultraviolet light so as to delay the aging of the coating, utilizes the ultraviolet light causing the aging of the coating as an excitation signal, promotes the optical solidification resin added in the coating to generate an optical solidification reaction on the surface layer of the coating for forming novel coating, prohibits the aging destruction of the coating, enhances the weatherability and realizes the self repairability of the coating.




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