Method for producing grown materials and products made thereby



The composite material is comprised of a substrate of discrete particles and a network of interconnected mycelia cells bonding the discrete particles together. The composite material is made by inoculating a substrate of discrete particles and a nutrient material with a preselected fungus. The fungus digests the nutrient material over a period of time sufficient to grow hyphae and to allow the hyphae to form a network of interconnected mycelia cells through and around the discrete particles thereby bonding the discrete particles together to form a self-supporting composite material. In another embodiment, the fungus is allowed to grow as a fruiting body out of the substrate and within an enclosure to completely fill the enclosure to form a self-supporting structure.
复合材料由分散的颗粒的基质和将分散的颗粒结合在一起的互相连接的菌丝体细胞(mycelia cell)的网络组成。复合材料通过用预先选择的真菌接种分散的颗粒的基质和营养物质来制备。真菌在足以生长菌丝并且允许菌丝形成互相连接的菌丝体细胞的网络的一段时间内消化营养物质,所述菌丝体细胞通过和围绕分散的颗粒从而将分散的颗粒结合在一起,从而形成自支撑复合材料。在另一个实施方案中,使真菌在基质外和容器(enclosure)内生长为子实体以完全填充容器,从而形成自支撑结构。




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