Preparation method of culture composts for growing cephalanoplos segetum


  • Inventors: ZHAO CHANGYU
  • Assignees: 赵长玉
  • Publication Date: January 06, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-101618998-A


A preparation method of culture composts for growing cephalanoplos segetum adopts the following ingredients by weight percent: 16-20% of dried rabbit manures, 12-16% of dried sheep manures, 8-12% of compound fertilizers, 10-14% of phosphorus fertilizers, 1-3% of potassic fertilizers, 1-3% of zinc fertilizers, 15-17% of soya-bean cakes, 4-6% of bran, 2-4% of ephedripites, 4-6% of dregs of tea-oil tree fruit, 2-4% of strophanthus divaricatus branches and leaves, 1-3% of pine needles, 1-3% of eucommia bark, 1-3% of phellodendron, 1-3% of tuckahoe and 1-3% of liquorice. The method comprises the following steps: proportionally taking the above substances and placing all the substances into a stirrer to be stirred for 60min, then taking out the substances and placing all the substances into a grinder to be ground into powder, taking out the powder and pouring the powder into a fermentation pool to be stacked, covered tightly by a plastic cloth, compacted and fermented in a closed manner for 72h, carrying out first stack turning and adding human excrement water with ratio of 1:0.6 while turning the stacks, pouring water while turning the stacks, turning the stacks every 72h and continuously turning the stacks for seven times, namely obtaining qualified culture composts.




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