Three-finger safe tweezer scissors


  • Inventors: SUN TIANHU
  • Assignees: 孙天虎
  • Publication Date: January 06, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-101618525-A


The invention relates to a pair of three-finger safe tweezer scissors which is a pair of vibrissa scissors which is very safe and can enable people to selectively and reasonably manicure vibrissae. The three-finger safe tweezer scissors comprise a middle finger ring (1), a thumb ring (2), a right tweezer handle (3), a left tweezer handle (4), a spring piece (5), a scissor handle (6), a groove (7) of the scissor handle, a bolt (8), a right tweezer end (9), a left tweezer end (10), a single-piece scissor (11), a blank groove (12) and a groove (13) of the single-piece scissor. The invention has the principle that the single-piece scissor is half embedded into the tweezer ends, the tweezer handles are controlled by using the thumb and the middle finger, and the vibrissa to be scissored is clipped by the tweezers and then the scissor handles are pulled by the forefinger after seeing the vibrissa clearly to scissor off the vibrissa.




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