Device for improving thermal conductivity of medium in curing oven



The invention provides a device for improving the thermal conductivity of medium in a curing oven, which belongs to the production field of a heat exchanger for a color-coating line curing oven and overcomes the defects of low heat-transfer coefficient of the dry gas in the former color-coating line curing oven, insufficient heat utilization and high energy waste. The device for improving the thermal conductivity of medium in the curing oven is characterized in that a water vapor input device is installed on a gas pipeline entering in the curing oven, an atomization system directly taking soft water or pure water as the medium comprises a soft water or pure water source, a stop valve water pump and an atomizing nozzle, wherein the atomizing nozzle is of a flat circular shape, and an outlet of the atomizing nozzle is positioned on a pipeline where the high-temperature gas leads to the curing oven. By adopting the technical scheme, a steam control input device improves the heat transfer coefficient of the gas in the oven by about 10-20 percent than before, greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency and saves the energy.




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